Saturday, 9 June 2012

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Hai readers ^^ i don't know why today my feeling was uneasy?hmmm, i don't have a mood today, i had told my friend about it, but maybe she didn't alert or maybe she overlooked the 'mesej'.

I'll think i wanna cry right now, but i don't know for what reason T_T, i'll think is better for me to 'zikir'. Since i woke up from my bed this morning, i'm more to pensive. Hurghhh, i hate it, i cannot describe what i'm thinking about ==" tone of work, see, my face was boarded acne!

Ohh, by the way, i can be a good listener for those who had a problem, just call me, and i'll be there (nonsense) to hear your story, trust me. Actually, i miss my brother, (really are) since he goes for practical at Gng. Semanggol, hmm when i can see you again, i also did not have the answer =___=

This is the third time i make an entry about you, i miss you accompanying me, treat me ice-blended, and so on. Hope you did not read this entry, haha. Enjoy your picnik at Teluk Senangin, maybe this is a way for you to relax and forget a while your probelm (: That's all for today, k bye! (OME~~ Oh My English) remember, I'll always beside you >.<

Seem like me ^^
Menangis dalam diam.

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